Course Content

    1. Introduction to the books you will make with Caroline Fraser

    1. Tools for book making

    2. Resources sheet - where to find tools, paper, and the Facebook support group.

    1. All about paper grain.

    1. How to fold and cut paper when making books.

    1. book 1 - a three hole pamphlet stitch binding

    1. book 2 - a folded pocket book

About this course

  • £32.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

Instructor - Caroline Fraser

photographer and book artist

Caroline Fraser

Caroline Fraser is a photographer and book artist based in Rye, East Sussex, UK. Caroline’s abstract and intimate landscape photography arises from her passion for the natural world, and is a means to convey the fragility and transience of life and the world that we live in. Her art practice values minimalism and restraint to create a feeling of calm and also to express concern for the future of natural environments. Caroline uses multiple exposure photography and layers to create visual interest and deeper meaning. Artist books and writing are important components of her work, including an irreverent blog ‘An Ordinary Life’. She has published a number of limited edition hand-made artist books and has exhibited in London, Rye, Scotland and Japan. Studio visits are welcome at Rye Creative Centre.


  • What tools will I need for this course?

    Caroline will talk you through all the tools that you will need. The essential tools are easy to find, and not very expensive. She will also suggest papers for you to use, which are readily available from any good art store or paper store.

  • What if I get stuck with my book?

    Caroline has created a special Facebook group for students of this course. She will be in regular contact with you if you have questions, and you will be able to see how others are getting on.

  • Why should I learn with Caroline Fraser?

    Caroline is an artist who likes to make books that are easy and fun. She is good at explaining things, and has chosen three structures that have multiple potential uses for this beginner's course. She has experience of teaching in real life, and her courses are always sold out.

I want to make beautiful hand made books!